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The IPG Skills Hub is a free resource for all IPG members.

To access the Hub, all you need is an IPG log-in.
Every IPG member has a ‘main’ profile to access the member-only content on the IPG website. You can use this same log-in to access Skills Hub materials too.
As well as this main log-in, individuals working for IPG members can create their own personal accounts using their work email address that will give them access to the same member-only content, including Skills Hub courses and resources. We recommend that individuals take advantage of this so that they can set up their own personalised student dashboards.
Companies may want to anticipate this by adding individual staff details to their main IPG profile.
To set up individual log-ins, follow the instructions below.

Creating your own IPG log-in.

Every IPG member has a ‘main’ profile, this is where you have to be logged into to make any changes to your membership profile, add jobs or create a new profile for an additional person.
You must be logged into the main account to add colleagues.
Once logged in please follow these simple steps to create an additional profile for each member of staff. This will then give each individual their own username and password to access the IPG website and IPG Skills Hub.
First, check that you are not already set up. This can be checked by looking at the front page of the main account and scrolling down to ‘company colleagues.’ If there is a profile already set up for additional members within your company their name will be shown here. If not, you need to follow these instructions to add a colleague:
1Click the head and shoulder icon in the top right hand corner of the screen and select ‘add a colleague’. A new screen will appear. Please note that this will not overwrite the main account information.
2Complete all the information on the first page ‘login details’ the first line will say ‘User name’. The line which asks for ‘Display name’ should always be the person’s full name.Please make sure that you use your work email address when creating your profile. Once you have completed the first page you can press the ‘save’ button (the green button on the bottom of the page).
3Log out of the main account and you will then be able to log in using your new details.

Don’t forget!

Please remember if you need to make any changes to the ‘Company’ profile or add a job to the website you will need to be logged in as the ‘main user’ of your company. If you want to use the IPG Skills Hub or book yourself to attend an event you use your own username and password.

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