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Brexit and publishing

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Do you have a query about your publishing and business activities in the event of a no-deal Brexit? Concerned about imports, exports, printing, copyright, freedom of movement or anything else? The IPG can help.
We are producing a package of advice from legal, supply chain and publishing experts to support you right up to Brexit Day on 31 October. To get their support, click here and leave your details.
Information from our webinar held on Thursday 31 October can be found here.
Our Brexit experts have already answered a number of questions so far so do look at the relevant sections on the right for further details. The sections are:
Exports and imports: click here
Rights: click here
Shipping: click here
People and travel: click here
Data: click here
VAT: click here.
This service is available to all publishers, and you do not have to be a member of the IPG to participate. It has been provided with the help of the government’s Brexit Readiness Fund.