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Main contact: Toby Waller
Job title: Business Development Manager
Typefi is the world's only single-source publishing platform that fully integrates print, online and mobile production in a seamless end-to-end automated workflow.

Once set up, our platform can take any XML-based source document and automatically render it in over 30 output formats for print, online and mobile in under three minutes with 100% accuracy.

Varied and complex layouts, sophisticated typographical composition, and beautifully-crafted design – any format, any device – at the click of a button. No more reformatting for different output devices.

Typefi easily integrates with your existing infrastructure, leveraging industry-standard authoring and design tools for ease of use, and streamlining complex workflows to make everyday publishing tasks infinitely more productive.

Established in Australia in 2001, and with offices now in Australia, UK, USA, the Netherlands and Sri Lanka, Typefi helps its customers around the world – from individuals and small businesses through to international organisations and Fortune 500 companies – publish their content faster and in more formats than ever before.

No matter what sort of publishing you do, Typefi will help you DO MORE.


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