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Main contact: Sandra Terlevic
Our dynamic team offers innovative solutions to meet the needs of all publishers - large and small. We offer a combination of skill and experience that is unique within the printing industry. Each one of our companies has the resources and commitment to provide premium standards and outstanding quality, no matter the size or particular needs of your business. We have the capacity and technology to produce books at any run length - from a single copy, right up to one million books. Throughout our services in pre-press, print, manufacturing and logistics, we have extensive experience and technical know-how. Our key people have gained the respect and trust of customers at all levels within the publishing industry, over many years.We support our manufacturing with a complete set of services - including ebook conversion, warehousing, fulfilment and distribution, as well as online retail and services for self publishers. Our worldwide alliance, gps Global Print Solutions®, extends our offer internationally. Any format. Anywhere. From 1 to 1 million books.


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