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Circular Software is a UK company that specialises in writing applications for publishers. Its flagship product ‘CircularFLO’ will automatically convert any InDesign book into a beautiful fixed layout eBook ready for sale by Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Google and more.

Our customers in the UK include Hachette, Penguin Random House, Pan Macmillan, who are using CircularFLO, in-house, to prepare their fully illustrated books for the Kindle Store and for the iBooks Stores. Hundreds of print books have been converted to fixed layout EPUB3 and KF8 using CircularFLO.

In our latest update we are now able to add animation, audio, video, live text and read aloud highlighting directly from existing InDesign pages with no coding required.

Visit for a free trial of CircularFLO or contact to arrange a demonstration.

“Circular Software have been an absolute pleasure to work with. Their software is user-friendly and the answer we were looking for as a means for producing enhanced ebooks, and as a company, they are innovative, efficient, and responsive to publishers’ needs.” - Tom Bonnick, Business Development Manager, Nosy Crow.


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