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Main contact: Chris Robson
Job title: CEO
Propagator helps companies turn their content, assets and expertise into digital revenues.

We do this in 2 low cost, low risk ways, using our own content monetization platform:

1. Either: by transforming what you have into paid digital products and services
2. Or: by creating free digital magazines, services and apps that are monetized through leads or advertising

We turn books, textbooks, data, metadata, insights, expertise, content, video, and many other things into engaging digital services. We are highly commercial and lateral digital operators, with experience across many industry sectors and love helping conceive and develop new digital products with publishers.

At one end we can provide a comprehensive service including strategy, design, data, development and marketing and at the other we can just give access to our highly modular, scalable platform.


  • A testimonial for Propagator
    The Propagator team is creative, excellent at strategy and highly committed to delivering. The team takes real pride in its work and goes the extra mile, often exceeding expectations. They can turn their hands to a range of different opportunities.
    Eela Devani,
    Digital Development Director, Bloomsbury
  • A testimonial for Propagator
    Propagator are a wonderful team to work with – friendly, helpful, experienced, on the ball and, very importantly, responsive to our suggestions.
    Janet Murphy,
    Director, Specialist Publishing Division, Bloomsbury