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Main contact: Lucy Sharp
Job title: Sales Manager
codeMantra provides an end-to-end solution that composes content, stores finished goods and distributes content and metadata globally using automatic distribution facilities. Publishers will capitalize on one or more solutions depending on their needs. All are available in collectionPoint platform using capabilities that integrate with publishers’ existing workflows.
Production Services design, development, composition, digital conversion, and collaboration at content and project level and with third parties. From the Composition Stage all production can be accomplished using codeMantra’s Integrated Production Services. A Collaboration and Workflow Management System accommodates existing workflows delivering electronic and print-ready files simultaneously.
Digital Warehouse leverages a cloud infrastructure enabling third party collaboration, metadata management, file transfer between employees, suppliers, vendors and distributors and secure storage of finished goods.
Global Distribution automated distribution of files and metadata, file validation, compliance and dynamic change feeds. Automated widget and catalogue creation, pre-configured retail partner setup and dashboard reporti


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