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dancan Ltd.
Main contact: Dan Barker
Job title: Consultant
dancan Ltd. is a consultancy and content engineering business offering technical services to publishers focused on helping them make the most of the opportunities offered by the internet.

The services offered include:
• information architecture (analysing how the information and services to be offered through a website should be organised and labelled);
• data model design and development (analysing the shape of the content to be offered through electronic services, and designing data and metadata models that will add value and fulfil those requirements);
• wireframe development (production of design-neutral web pages to demonstrate content, information architecture and functionality);
• data conversion (transformation of content from one format to another);
• workflow analysis (looking at the components—people, data, documents, processes—that make up a workflow);
• system analysis (investigating the components and usage of computer systems); and
• training (covering areas such as the basics of XML, the principles of data design, and what's involved in procuring and using data/metadata for online publishing).


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