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Main contact: Georgina Bentliff
Job title: Director, International Publisher Relations
Like PLS and ALCS in the UK, who jointly own the licensing agency CLA, Kopinor licenses the copying of copyright publications in Norway on behalf of publishers and authors, according to strict guidelines and within Norway’s extended collective licensing framework.

Kopinor’s coursepack system, Bolk, allows publishers to oversee and manage the licensing of their content for coursepacks in Norwegian universities, both within and beyond the parameters set by Kopinor’s Higher Education Licence. Within the parameters of the Kopinor Licence, publishers can manage their repertoire, monitor coursepack activity and provide up-to-date metadata and content.

Beyond the parameters of the Kopinor Licence, publishers can set rules, grant or decline ad hoc requests for permissions, and set and review pricing. Being part of Bolk gives publishers access to market intelligence about Norwegian university requirements and provides the means to maximise coursepacks as an additional income stream.


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