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Klopotek UK Ltd
Main contact: John Lawson
Job title: Sales Director
Klopotek is the international market leader for Publishing Software with more than 140 implementations worldwide and a user base of more than 14,000 across 350 publishers. Founded in 1992, Klopotek is synonymous with highly functional standardised software covering all of the print and online publishing business processes. Based on Best Practice solutions developed after years of experience analysing business processes and cooperating with publishers, the software can be implemented as an end-to-end solution or on a pre-configured, modular basis; and can be installed in-house or accessed via the internet. Klopotek's Product Planning and Management system (PPM) enables publishers and media companies to optimize the management of internal and external processes. Publishers of every size – from small publishers to global media corporations – plan, manage and market their complete print and digital product portfolios with PPM. With the support of modern workflows, PPM tools help to develop products and to turn content into business.


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