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Main contact: Vanessa Daly
Job title: Marketing Executive
Cambridge Publishing Management provides a streamlined route to publication for publishers, non-profits, charitable foundations and corporate clients. We offer complete project management from author commissioning and management through design, editorial and production to supply of print-ready or digital files.

Clients include UNESCO, HarperCollins, Chatham House, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Macmillan, Marshall Cavendish, Nuffield Foundation, Pearson Education, RSA, Equality Now, Trust for London and Cambridge University Press.

Our core activities are conducted in-house, ensuring consistency of approach and greater flexibility. We manage titles in a number of subject areas, from art and business to education and policy reports. We have an extensive network of trusted freelance specialists who enable us to provide first-class content while our project managers fulfill the pivotal role of ensuring publications are delivered on time, within budget and to our clients' exact specification.


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