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The new top draw: graphic novels' fortunes transformed

Heroes are no zeroes

How do the numbers stack up in Graphic Novels?

Superhero movies have had a grip on Hollywood since Marvel Studios broke all box office records with “The Avengers” in 2012 and, during the summer, hardly a week has gone by without the release of another big comic book adaptation, crowded with Hollywood stars, special effects and more brightly coloured Lycra than a wrestler’s wardrobe.

The new top draw: graphic novels' fortunes transformed

Last year was the best year for sales of graphic novels in the UK since BookScan records began in 1998, with the genre bringing in almost £20.5m worth of print sales. Publishers and retailers are crediting the boom to a broadening of range and a diversification of characters and writers within the genre.

In 2014 the Graphic Novels sector saw the value of print sales rise by 13.9% on the previous year, bringing in over seven times more than the value of the sector in 2004 (£2.8m), according to Nielsen BookScan.

Reviewers' verdicts on The Girl in the Spider's Web

The corrections

It’s been a week for noticing the many thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to—even for those who didn’t catch the opening of Benedict Cumberbatch‘s “Hamlet” at the Barbican.


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