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Meet the Spring Conference Exhibitor: ProQuest
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1 How can you support IPG members?

ProQuest is committed to empowering researchers and librarians around the world. Through partnerships with content holders, ProQuest preserves rich, vast and varied information—whether historical archives or today’s scientific breakthroughs—and packages it with digital technologies that enhance its discovery, sharing and management. ProQuest can support IPG members by making their content available through our wide variety of services to the academic library market globally without additional investment on their behalf.

2 What are you looking forward to most about the IPG Spring Conference?

Rich Belanger’s break-out session on the move from print to electronic and of course the Independent Publishing Awards gala dinner!

3 Can you share one top tip for independent publishers to improve their business?

Get your content out there on as many platforms and in as many models as you can to enable discovery and drive purchase. If library users cannot discover your content, they cannot purchase or use it.

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