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What would you like from your membership of the IPG? We would love to hear your views via a major new survey we have just launched.
The IPG is a wonderfully broad church, made up of companies ranging across the full spectrum of UK and international publishing. That creates a very special diversity and vibrancy—but it also challenges us to ensure that we are serving a huge variety of company sizes and specialisms equally well. This survey will help us to meet the needs of all members.
It’s a short survey that begins by asking about your relationship with the IPG, your reasons for joining and how you interact with us. We also want you to tell us about the most valuable aspects of your membership, what you think our priorities should be and your ideas for making our services, resources and events better. We have always tried to ensure that the IPG is shaped by members and for members, and this survey will be crucial in understanding what you want and need. The results will shape our activities in 2019 and well beyond.
You can complete the survey anonymously if you like, but should you choose to leave your details we will enter you into a draw to win a full delegate place at our Spring Conference. We hope that provides another reason to spend a few minutes sharing your thoughts. All members should have received an email invitation to the survey, but please drop us a line if you need access.
Thank you for your feedback—and for all your ongoing involvement with the IPG.

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