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Reflections on the IPG Autumn Conference
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The Book Trade Charity generously supported IPG members by sponsoring visits to the Autumn Conference for ten people who otherwise would not have been able to attend. Here some of them tell us about their day.

Jane Moffett, JJMoffs Independent Book Publisher

I thoroughly enjoyed the Conference and found it extremely beneficial—possibly learning more in a day than I have over the past 18 months! There is precious little support in rural north Nottinghamshire for small businesses, so to be awarded a place from the Book Trade Charity had double impact. Without a doubt I would not have been able to attend without it. I am truly grateful and hope, as my business develops, that I can support the charity in return.

Julia How, The Witcherley Book Company

As a small publisher outside London we are selective about the number of events we attend as there is always accompanying transport, and often accommodation, to budget for. So we were delighted to receive a sponsored place from the Book Trade Charity for this year’s Autumn Conference. We wouldn’t have gone otherwise—which would have been a shame as it was one of the most interesting IPG conferences I’ve been to.
I particularly liked the session by Nicolette Jones on reaching reviewers in children’s books, and the panel of audio experts. Like many present I also wrote down a list of the useful research tools mentioned by Peter McCarthy of Ingram Content Group, and I enjoyed the podcast interviews with the speakers, which are well worth a listen even if you attended their sessions. Thank you Bridget and all of the IPG team for a great conference, and an especially big thank you to the Book Trade Charity.

Sue Hall, Hall and Stott

The conference was great. I found David Hieatt’s talk so inspiring, and I’ve returned to the office and bought some of his books ready to change the way that we do things at Hall and Stott. Listening to publishers who have had to rethink their strategy in order to become successful was so helpful too. It’s encouraging to hear that others have struggled along the way, but have persevered to reach their goals.

Dave Lyons, Ravencrest Books

The IPG conferences cover so much ground that it is impossible to assimilate everything, so my goal was to find a couple of actionable items to take back with me. I found the sessions on AI, keywords and audiobooks to be most valuable, and I am already following these areas up. I was really inspired by David Hieatt’s keynote speech, and it was great to catch up with other publishers and share ideas. Altogether a most useful day.

Kate Macdonald, Handheld Press

The speakers I heard at the Autumn Conference were excellent, relevant and leaders in their fields, and it was very good to have the opportunity to listen to them. The Mermaid theatre was easy to reach and there was lots of space to move around in.

Robert Ertle, Rydon Publishing

For a fledgling company like Rydon Publishing, the IPG Autumn Conference is an incredibly valuable event. It allows up to meet and network with fellow publishers both large and small, and gives us an insight into the market and industry as a whole.
The IPG thanks The Book Trade Charity for its support of delegates to the Autumn Conference. Visit its website for more information about its work. You can read chief executive David Hicks’ introduction to the Charity here.

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