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Meet the Autumn Conference Exhibitors: Nielsen
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1 How can you support IPG members?

We can help IPG members with the purchase and allocation of their ISBNs, as well as how to add and enhance their metadata on our database, which is used by booksellers and libraries worldwide, and with promotional tools to help market their books. We can also offer advice on distribution, the supply chain and industry standards. Finally, our sales data and consumer insights can provide a unique picture of the market and the book buying public.

2 What is your favourite thing about being part of IPG Conferences?

We love meeting members and learning more about their individual needs as independent publishers.

3 Can you share one top tip for independent publishers to improve their business?

We highly recommend finding out more about our Book2Look service—a very sophisticated digital marketing tool that allows you to manage your ‘Search Inside’ content. We offer special rates to IPG members, and it has given many publishers a simple and easy way to share their books on social media.

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