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What are you looking forward to at the Autumn Conference?
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Posted by IPG

Martin Casimir, Maths – No Problem!

The Autumn Conference has a packed agenda, and James Daunt is always a very good speaker. I’m really looking forward to it: the mixture of valuable information, great speakers and networking opportunities makes for a superb day.

Jane Moffett, JJMoffs

I'm very much looking forward to my first IPG Conference and, as a new member, to meeting the IPG team. The programme is exciting and my issue is going to be choosing from the list of excellent break-out sessions! It'll be good to spend time with other independent publishers and to meet the exhibitors, too. I have no doubt I'll come away with a wealth of information and fresh impetus.

Lynn Gaspard, Saqi Books

The line-up for the Autumn Conference is very strong, and many presentations look as though they will really benefit our sales strategy and awareness. I look forward to hearing from James Daunt about developments at Waterstones, learning how to grow sales in Asia, and finding ways to get books into non-traditional retail spaces.

Veruschka Selbach, Pluto Books

Alongside the sessions, specifically those on AI and audio, I'm looking forward to the collaborative and collegial atmosphere you find at all IPG events. It's a chance to share, get an overview of the direction of the industry and catch up with friends.

Matt Haslum, Chelsea Green Publishing

Our list is wide ranging and goes from specialist, expert titles through to more trade friendly publishing, so a few sessions have caught my eye. I’m particularly interested in the break-out about selling in the non-book retail space, as that’s a huge opportunity for Chelsea Green, and will be balancing this against what we hear from James Daunt about the relationship between Waterstones and independent publishers. Learning more about the power of podcasts will be useful too, because this will be one of the most important marketing and sales channels for publishers in the future.

Sam Hutchinson, b small publishing

As a micro publisher, I find the IPG Autumn Conference allows me to pretend I have office colleagues, take a break from the kitchen table and socialise with real publishing people.

Kate Macdonald, Handheld Press

Because I mostly work on my own, I'm looking forward to conversations with people who really understand the challenges our industry throws at us. I'm also looking forward to hearing what James Daunt has to tell us, and perhaps to ask him about Waterstones’ centralised buying system. PLS’ Sarah Faulder on copyright is my other red-starred speaker.

Julia How, The Witcherley Book Company

I have always enjoyed the Conferences’ keynotes, so I look forward to David Hieatt’s thoughts on branding. It’s always difficult to decide between break-out sessions in the same time slots. We have recently moved into audio and have had film / TV queries, so I’m keen to find out how we can best take advantage of these opportunities. In addition, I’m interested in finding out what Mike Allen has to say about AI, since its adoption seems to be gaining momentum.

Jeffrey Collyer, Aelurus Publishing

This will be the first IPG Conference I’ve been able to attend, and I’m looking forward to meeting everyone! I’m also eager to talk to some of the sponsors about their publishing services. We’re a tiny publisher, so any information or connections I can make will be invaluable.

Richard Hagen, mPowr

The session on podcasting with Mark Leruste and the audiobook sessions with Bookwire, WF Howes and Zebralution are of particular interest as we've been building up a catalogue of print and ebook titles but haven't dipped our toes into audiobooks yet. I'm also looking forward to the networking opportunities.

Beccy Conway, John Hunt Publishing

I'm looking forward to attending my second Autumn Conference and making the most of the varied agenda. It'll be a day of great speakers, interesting break-out sessions and new ideas for selling books from our wide-ranging list, and Syima Aslam and Sarah Walden's sessions are both high on my to-do list.

Dave Lyons, Ravencrest Books

I've been to some the IPG's Spring and Autumn Conferences over the years, and have always found them to be worthwhile events. The difficulty is in returning to work the following day with copious notes and actually putting ideas into action! My aim for this Conference is to come away with just one actionable idea that I can use to improve my business—and I have no preconceptions about where that idea will come from. A second aim is to seek out publishers with similar business models to my company—primarily fiction ebooks distributed through Amazon—with a view to sharing ideas.

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