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Meet the Autumn Conference Exhibitors: Inspired Search & Selection
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1 How can you support IPG members?

Inspired Search & Selection is the leading publishing recruitment firm, sourcing talent for companies within the publishing world since 1999. We absolutely love the work that we do for independent publishers, where finding the right passion and drive for a publishing mission—and not just the right skills—can be transformative for the business.
We have cultivated a terrific network of candidates to cover temporary vacancies as well as for fixed term contracts and permanent roles, so whether you need an extra pair of hands for a few days or are expanding your team, we will work hard to find the right person for you.
With an Executive Search function also, we are well positioned to search for and source talent for your senior management teams and leadership positions. This can be managed confidentially for sensitive hires so that you can be safe in the knowledge that the message to market is under control.

2 What is your favourite thing about being part of IPG Conferences?

Can we only pick one?! The IPG’s Conferences are real highlights of the year for us, and it’s so hard to pick just one favourite thing.
But if we have to though… it’s the sharing of knowledge. The sense of openness between delegates with their ideas and experiences on how to do business better is the heartbeat of the IPG and a reminder to us all of why we’re in this industry. In our various ways, we all want good books and information to get to the right people, and are dedicated to making a commercially viable business out of that. The Autumn Conference allows you to talk to other people with that shared goal and learn from them, making us all better at what we do!

3 Can you share one top tip for independent publishers to improve their business?

Don’t forget to build a people plan! You have your business strategy for the year ahead—and ideally for the next three to five years—but do you have a people strategy in place? Do you know what skills you’ll need to make that strategy happen, and do you know how you’re developing the careers of your staff? Do you have succession plans in place for your senior leadership team? At Inspired we’re hugely passionate about this topic, and it’s something we take very seriously ourselves as an independent company, as well as being invested and engaged in the area with indie publishers.
Do get in touch with us to get a copy of our latest white paper on succession planning if that’s of interest, or call me, MD Suzy Astbury, if you want to talk about people planning further.

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