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Monitor, manage and monetise your permissions with Publishers' Licensing Services
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Publishers' Licensing Services, well known for representing the interests of publishers in collective licensing and a sponsor and exhibitor at the IPG’s Annual Spring Conference, last year launched PLS Permissions. This is a range of online services designed to help publishers manage their permissions licensing more efficiently. Here PLS explains how its permissions services can help IPG members

An increasing number of IPG members have been making good use of PLS Permissions. It has been great to see the services taken up by independent publishers from so many different sectors, including Oneworld, Kogan Page, Salt Publishing, Saqi Books, SPCK and Pluto Press, as well as Liverpool and Edinburgh University Presses.
PLS Permissions—which includes the website at its heart—is designed to help publishers optimise efficiencies in their permissions management processes and reduce the administrative burden. Many publishers have opted to use our PermissionsAssist service, by which publishers outsource the entire management of their permissions to PLS. Others have opted for PermissionsDirect, which streamlines incoming requests into one online account. In both cases publishers set their own pricing and licensing terms.
The PLS Permissions suite also includes PermissionsRequest, a free service that enables anyone seeking to reuse published content to get permission to do so quickly and easily.
Here’s what six IPG members think of PLS Permissions.

Kogan Page

Kogan Page has been using PLS PermissionsDirect since October 2017. As the PLSclear service gains traction in the market, it is great to be able to offer another permissions clearance service to our authors, as well as use the service ourselves to streamline and manage permissions requests. We have been able to offer a swifter service to requestors using the service. Amy Joyner

Pluto Press

We have been using PLS Permissions for just over a year, and while we have not seen an increase in the number of requests we receive, the service has allowed us to streamline what used to be a daunting and time-consuming process—avoiding, for example, the endless back-and-forth required to gather all the necessary details and set fees. Tania Palmieri
The PLS Permissions service works well for us. Pluto Journals is a small outfit and permissions is potentially a complex area, so we are grateful we can outsource to PLS. Roger van Zwanenberg

Salt Publishing

Managing permissions from a wide range of sources, coordinating licences and payments takes an administrative toll on publishers of any size. Any company will want to manage their overheads and focus on their core activities, and in this respect outsourcing is a key part of competitive strategy. PLS has created a solution that will suit everyone from large corporations to small independents, and its skilled team and proactive, trusted service always get the job done with the minimum of fuss and keeps the cash coming in for authors and publishers alike. Christopher Hamilton-Emery


It has been really helpful to have PLS handle our permissions requests. The service ensures that our requestors receive consistent charging in a timely manner. Stephen Tyers

Edinburgh University Press

We transferred our journal and book permission administration out of house to PLS in 2016. Its experienced team contributed towards a seamless transition. Jan Thomson

Saqi Books

Working with PLS has really streamlined our permissions process. Its team are always helpful and professional, and it’s the perfect solution for publishing houses looking to make their way of handling permissions more efficient. Elizabeth Briggs
PLS PermissionsDirect and PLS PermissionsAssist have no set-up fees and no annual subscription. A handling fee is payable on paid-for licences only. For more about the services, talk to the PLS team at the IPG’s Annual Spring Conference or click here.

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