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Meet the Conference Exhibitor: Inspired Search & Selection
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Posted by IPG

1 What is your company called, and what services or products do you offer?

Inspired Search & Selection specialises in recruitment for digital, book and journal publishing. We also work for any business that requires a publishing skill set. With many businesses now hiring content professionals, this has broadened our client base to more than 300 companies across the UK.

2 What opportunities and challenges can you help IPG members with?

Inspired offers three main services for all of IPG members’ recruitment needs.

Permanent and interim recruitment

For hiring people for your business from entry level up to senior management. Inspired has been offering this thorough and guaranteed service to publishers since 1999.

Temporary support

In need of an extra pair of hands but unsure for how long? Inspired Temps is excellent for any short-term needs, unexpected absences or particularly busy periods. Inspired Temps lets you take on publishing candidates on an hourly basis when you need them.

Executive search

A high-end and thorough retained service in which we map out the entire market and work closely with you to deliver a longlist of candidates. We will then agree on the shortlist together and get the best candidate in the entire marketplace to lead your business or department forward. We also publish white papers and annual insights and consultation on succession planning.

3 What are you looking forward to at the Annual Spring Conference?

The Conference looks particularly interesting this year with a great line-up of speakers! Kicking off with training sessions looks like a brilliant concept and ensures IPG members are getting key takeaways right from the start! Genius!
As ever, what we really enjoy is socialising with our clients and discovering what opportunities and challenges independent publishers face in 2018. The Conference is such an informative, friendly and inclusive environment.
Please don’t be shy if you don’t know us: come and see us in the Exhibitors Zone for your passport stamp so you can be in with a chance of winning an excellent prize!

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