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Ingram Content Group is the gold sponsor of our Annual Spring Conference from 7 to 9 March, and will host a session on opportunities for independent publishers to increase their sales in Australia. Here’s how Ingram can support the efforts of IPG members.

New digital printing technology

Ingram’s Australian facility has been upgraded to the latest digital printing technology, meaning publishers can enjoy the same range of services from within Australia as in both the UK and US. This saves you the time and cost of distributing content thousands of miles, enabling Ingram to fulfil orders from within the Australian market and print orders on demand without the need to hold printed inventory.

New distribution options

We are also enhancing our retail solutions in Australia with ipage®, now adapted specifically for use by Australian bookstores, improving the visibility of the content you have with us. Retailers can order your books from Ingram, pay for them in Australian Dollars, and have them shipped directly from our Melbourne facility.

Local pricing

Maximise your revenue potential by uploading your titles to Lightning Source and adding Australian Dollars pricing to all eligible titles so they appear as an option to the hundreds of bookstores in Australia. Complete this form to be contacted about an exclusive IPG deal for getting your content plugged in to the Australian market.

Special offer for IPG members

For IPG members, Lightning Source will waive the digital distribution fee that allows a title to be placed and sold in our global distribution network. Members receive free set-up of any titles supplied in a digital format, with no digital distribution fee payable for the first year and free thereafter, when titles sell 100 copies or more per year, currently £7 per title. IPG members also have access to free set-up of hardback versions of books that are currently available only in paperback formats with Lightning Source. The market access fee is waived here, too.

Learn more

To learn about how you can get more out of your relationship with Lightning Source, call by our stand at the IPG Annual Spring conference or visit our dedicated Australian information site.

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