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Seven reasons why you should enter the IPG Independent Publishing Awards
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The IPG has opened entries for the 2018 Independent Publishing Awards. Here’s why all members should take part

1 The chance to reflect

Simply entering the Awards frees up important time to reflect on your achievements over the last year and set new targets. Many entrants tell us that preparing their submissions helps them start the new year in a positive and reflective way.

2 Validation of success

IPG members work hard all year round, and the Independent Publishing Awards provide important validation for their passion. Publishing can sometimes be a lonely business, but the Awards provide an all too rare chance to celebrate achievements.

3 A boost to staff morale

Winning an Award or securing a place on a shortlist is a reward for all the hard work of your team. Staff may well feel valued internally, but recognition like this shows that people beyond the business admire their efforts too. It can also make a business more attractive to potential new recruits.

4 Brand enhancement

As keynote speaker Richard Huntington told our Autumn Conference last year, branding can be as useful to small independents as big conglomerates. Recognition from the Independent Publishing Awards can sharpen your brand and smarten your image.

5 A stronger reputation among authors

Success at the Independent Publishing Awards reflects very well on all the people who create the content you sell. Proving your worth to authors and illustrators via the Awards makes it easier to attract, retain and motivate them.

6 A valuable calling card

For small and new independent publishers in particular, establishing partnerships with booksellers, overseas publishers, agents and others in the publishing supply chain can be a challenge. The prestige of an Award or shortlisting opens doors across the industry.

7 A great night out

Our Awards Gala Dinner on Thursday 8 March 2018 will be a very special celebration of independent publishing. It’s a time to toast your achievements and share in the success of your fellow IPG members too.
Click here for online entries to the IPG Independent Publishing Awards and comprehensive resources to help you with your submission.

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