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Prize draw winners on the Autumn Conference
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Sponsors and exhibitors at the IPG’s Autumn Conference—Ingram Content Group, PLS, BDS, the Bookseller, IPAC, Jellyfish Solutions and PS-Postscript—generously contributed to a prize draw for delegates. Here the winners tell us what they received and how they enjoyed the Conference

Abdul Thadha, managing director, Sweet Cherry Publishing

This was my second IPG conference. I was the first person out of the draw at the Annual Spring Conference earlier this year, and I repeated the trick at the Autumn Conference! I am now the proud owner of a GoPro camcorder—a big thank you to Ingram, the sponsor of the prize. Can I encourage the sponsors to donate a Ferrari at the next conference? It would be great to make it three wins out of three!

Alison Alexanian, Hurst

The Autumn Conference was the first I have attended, and I was pleasantly surprised by how informative it was. I work in PR but found many unrelated talks useful too. I also enjoyed being in the company of other independent publishers and seeing the different ways in which we thrive despite challenges; it was very encouraging. My inaugural conference ended with me winning a prize, which has unfortunately set a level of expectation for subsequent conferences. I plan to enjoy my six bottles of Prosecco [from IPAC] thus: keep a couple in my office desk for days I'm finding especially challenging; use a few to bribe friends and family when favours are required of them; and ration out the remaining bottles when hosting social get-togethers at home, which should last me until 2019.

Marion Berghahn, publisher, Berghahn Books

I won a bottle of champagne [from Jellyfish Solutions] that, to the delight of my staff in the office, I shared with them today. The IPG’s conferences are always a pleasure because it is so nice to meet colleagues whom one has known for many years, often decades, in a relaxed atmosphere. What makes the Autumn Conference particularly interesting is that one is surrounded by publishers working in the same broadly defined area, with whom one can exchange ideas and compare notes. Accounts of how publishers have developed their lists and businesses allow us to learn from one another’s experiences and get an idea of where we stand in more general terms, and not just in sales.

Martin Ellis, Zymurgy Publishing

I won a bottle of champagne [from BDS] that I will enjoy with friends at a celebration. The Conference had a number of speakers covering practical issues relevant to Zymurgy, and hopefully it will have encouraged more interaction between independent publishers and bookshops in the future.

Monica Mistry, Watkins Publishing

I won a lovely bottle of Glen Garioch Single Malt Scotch whiskey [from PS-Postscript] that I plan to enjoy for many weekends to come! It was my first IPG conference so didn't know what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed all the speakers, especially Trevor Hardy from The Future Laboratory and learning about the concept of ‘bleisure’—the fusion of business and leisure time.

Louise Jordan, Wacky Bee Books

I won a ticket to the Bookseller's FutureBook Conference on 1 December. I always enjoy the Bookseller’s Children's Conference but have never been to a FutureBook one, so it should be fun. It was a first for me: I never win anything! I thought the IPG ran a brilliant Autumn Conference—and I'm not just saying that because I won something! I particularly enjoyed Richard Huntington's keynote speech, which has really focused my mind on our brand at Wacky Bee. I also enjoyed the networking opportunities in the breaks and made some great new contacts. Thank you IPG!

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