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Meet the Exhibitor: Jellyfish Solutions
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Posted by IPG

1 What is your company called, and what services or products do you offer?

Jellyfish Solutions. Our partnered company is Riverside Publishing Solutions.

2 What opportunities and challenges can you help IPG members with?

We help publishers save time and money on print buying and pre-press services. We can coordinate all pre-press services with one UK-based team, and provide one point of contact for print and production activity across the UK, Europe and the Far East. We’re helping publishers with pricing challenges in the wake of Brexit and increases in the cost of paper.

3 What are you looking forward to at the IPG Autumn Conference?

Meeting IPG members we currently cater for, talking to publishers we have been liaising with about new business and making new contacts with both customers and companies that can help us—plus all the useful talks!

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