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Meet the Exhibitor: BDS
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1 What is your company called, and what services or products do you offer?

BDS provides publishers with a range of metadata and website services. We gather title data from publishers; aggregate and enhance it; and then licence that data to retailers like Blackwell’s, Gardners, Bertrams and the British Library as well as public and academic libraries in the UK. We also design, build and host websites for publishers, both big and small, including Yale University Press, Macmillan, Lion Hudson and Kyle Books. Our web team are some of the most experienced in the book trade and understand how the book business works, and they help with anything from a single-page marketing site to a fully transactional site. We are a UK-based business working out of offices in Dumfries.

2 What opportunities and challenges can you help IPG members with?

Metadata isn’t always a publisher’s primary concern, so BDS specialises in helping publishers with their metadata requirements, leaving them to focus on their key objectives of publishing and selling great books. Our understanding of designing and building websites for publishers gives us unique insight into ways of enhancing the client experience to generate more hits and increase direct sales.

3 What are you looking forward to at the IPG Autumn Conference?

We’re looking forward to catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. We’re also excited by the range of speakers and the topics being discussed and—as always with IPG events—will come away with some useful pieces of understanding and insight.
BDS is an exhibitor at the IPG's 2017 Autumn Conference. View the full Conference programme and book your places here

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