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Five easy ways to make the most of the IPG Skills Hub
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"The IPG Skills Hub provides members with the training support they need to stay competitive. Quite a number of our staff have been on courses already. And there is something for everyone. My fun fact: did you know that ComScore predict that by 2020, 50% of all web searches will be voice queries? I didn't. What does this mean for your business?" Kathryn Earle, managing director, digital resources division, Bloomsbury
It’s a happy three-month birthday for the IPG Skills Hub. Since its launch in March, more than 300 IPG members have enrolled and accessed the Hub’s courses and resources. Your feedback has been invaluable for the Skills Hub team as we continue to develop the site, and there’s plenty more in the pipeline.
There are, of course, many barriers to investing in our skills and expertise in publishing, whether for ourselves or for those who work with us. The Hub is specifically designed to tackle two of these: availability and cost. But two more persist: relevance and, perhaps most crucial of all, time. I’ve yet to meet an IPG member not completely maxed out with the day job. But I’ve also yet to meet an IPG member who doesn’t see the value of building the skills they need to stay at the top of their game.
So we want to make it easy for you. Here are just five, time-efficient ideas for making the most of the Skills Hub—plus a challenge for all of you.

1 Build the Hub into induction programmes for new staff

Mix and match from the courses and resources on the Hub, including basics like our Glossary of Publishing Terms and our FAQs on everything from marketing and publicity to print and production. If you have interns, they can access the site too.

2 Keep it in mind at staff appraisals

Staff appraisals often throw up training needs that might sometimes be hard to meet. Whether you are doing the appraising or being appraised, don’t forget that material on the Hub might fit the bill.

3 Use your personal learning log as a career builder

Once you log in to the Hub, you’ll have access to your own learning log, where you can track the courses you have completed or are working your way through. The log is a great tool for thinking about—and measuring —the skills and expertise you need to build your career.

4 Don’t forget: the Hub is the gateway to expert advice

The Hub is a quick and easy way to access the expert advice you can benefit from as IPG members, including the Croner Business Support Helpline, our Forum and the IPG’s mentoring scheme. Chances are that one of these might help to solve that thorny problem you’re facing.

5 Access the Hub for blue sky thinking

The Hub is not just about basic information exchange. It’s also designed to communicate new ideas and prompt reflection and thinking. You might already know the basics about richer metadata or selling direct to consumers, for example, but the workbook questions featured in these courses challenge you to think about new things that could improve your performance.
Still not convinced? Then how about taking the Skills Hub challenge?
Remember how good it feels to get away from it all at IPG events, absorbing the great things you’re hearing and thinking about how you can apply them when you get back to the office? But then life just has a habit of getting in the way. So here’s a challenge. Set aside half an hour each week to browse the Hub to find just one new thing—whether it’s a piece of information or an idea—that will have a positive effect on your publishing. Think of the time as a regular—and free!—mini-conference with a quick and easy takeaway. It might well make a difference.
Anyone who works for an IPG member can register for the IPG Skills Hub and create a personal learning log. All you need is your own personal IPG log-in, and you can find all the help you need here.
We’d love to hear from you with feedback on existing courses and ideas for new ones. You can mail us at

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