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Ten stats about independent publishing
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Posted by IPG
The Harbottle & Lewis Independent Publishing Report provides the most comprehensive picture yet of the independent publishing sector in the UK. Produced by the IPG and Nielsen with the help of 184 members who completed a questionnaire, it contains a host of insights into publishers’ sales, distribution, output, exports, and staff, plus crucial information about the opportunities and challenges they face in 2017. It was published for the second time last October, and is now available free of charge to all IPG members.
Here are ten of the most interesting findings of the Harbottle & Lewis Independent Publishing Report.


The estimated annual turnover of the IPG’s members


Proportion of members who say sales in their leading publishing category are either growing (51%) or staying stable (34%)


Average proportion of sales that members now draw from beyond the UK—made up of 22% from exports and 7% from overseas rights


Proportion of members’ books that are now available in digital formats. More than a quarter (29%) of members now have all their titles in digital format—up from 18% in 2015


Proportion of members who now sell direct to consumers in some way


Average number of full-time staff at members, along with an average of 2.9 part-time staff


Proportion of full-time staff who are female, with 26% male


Proportion of members who employ freelancers in some capacity


Proportion of members who think their business will be better off as a result of Brexit


Rating of VAT on ebooks, the protection of which is identified by members as the top priority for government in publishing
The IPG is very grateful to Harbottle & Lewis for its generous support of the Independent Publishing Report.

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