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Building an international network
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Oliver Gadsby on why you should join us for an evening to celebrate independent publishing ahead of The London Book Fair on Monday 13 March
The IPG has a growing network of independent publishers around the world, and we would love you to join it. The perfect place to do so is at a party on Monday 13 March, the eve of The London Book Fair, where you can join Stephen Page, Alessandro Gallenzi, Anne Beech, Tej Sood, me and many others for a ‘Meeting of Minds’—a celebration of independent publishing today.
Many countries around the world have an equivalent of the IPG, linking and supporting independent publishers. There is much enjoyment, and possible business benefit, to be had by meeting face to face, and the key book fairs are our chance to do it.
We kicked things off on the eve of The London Book Fair last March, when we met at Stationers’ Hall for a ‘Celebration of Independent Publishing’ event. IPG members were out in force, as were members of the IBPA from the US, the Paris-based Alliance Internationale, the Scandinavian NOFF and the US-based AAUP. Peter Usborne gave a very entertaining talk about his life in publishing, and a lively panel discussion roamed across publishing around the world before the evening moved on to food, wine and conversation.
In Frankfurt in October 2016, a bar near the Hauptbahnhof was the setting for a packed gathering of international independent publishers. The Italian ODEI added to our list of partners and brought a host of members to the party: the bar was soon full to overflowing. Alessandro Gallenzi of Alma Books, who was the driving force behind the event, wrote an excellent blog for the IPG about the evening.
The next gathering takes place at Stationers’ Hall on Monday 13 March, and we hope you will join us with colleagues, friends and family. As the historic home of copyright, the Hall provides a wonderful setting for the event, and invitations have gone out to partner associations from around the world. Wine will flow and there will be a tasty buffet meal—and above all the chance to meet old friends and encounter new faces from international publishing. There will be words of welcome but no long speeches; this is an occasion to mingle and relax. £25 provides for food and drink, and the splendid venue, for the occasion.
The Stationers are kindly hosting the event, and there is a booking form here. Do book your place and join our growing informal international network.
Oliver Gadsby is chief executive of Rowman & Littlefield International and a board member and former Chair of the IPG.

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