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How to win online—The IPG DMQ
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Online retailers like Amazon are massively important to independent publishers—and we’re devoting our last meeting of 2016 to helping members do better business through them.
Our just-published Harbottle & Lewis Independent Publishing Report shows just how big a deal this channel is now. More than nine in ten (91%) IPG members sell books through online retailers, and half (52%) say their sales here have increased in the last two years—more than through any other channel including bricks and mortar retailers (35%), supermarkets (41%) and direct to consumers (42%). Another third (32%) say online sales have stayed stable in the last year.
For many members, Amazon is now the biggest single source of sales, and as several told the report, it has helped to level the playing field for specialist publishers, by making their books as discoverable as titles published by much larger companies. “We’re a niche publisher, and that’s a strength in the online market,” said one.
Given its importance, we make no excuses for setting aside our next Digital and Marketing Quarterly to Amazon. We are delighted that a team from the retailer will be joining us on Thursday 24 November, to update us on Amazon’s latest initiatives and provide tips on a range of topics including Amazon Marketing Services, stock and categorisation. Previous sessions with Amazon at IPG events have covered the basics of publishers’ relationships, but this will be pitched at a more advanced level, and we thinks members will find it a very useful way to grow their online sales even further.
To help members get the most out of the meeting, Amazon would like to know in advance what topics would be most useful to cover. Please let us know here. If you have a specific query for Amazon that you would also like answered, please let us know here and we will convey a response outside of the meeting.
The importance of Amazon and online bookselling means that demand to attend this meeting is likely to be high—so do book here now now to avoid disappointment.

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