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Meet the Supplier: 123Library
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1 What's your company called?


2 What services or products do you offer?

We offer CloudPublish, a service that allows publishers to sell and deliver their e-documents directly to all types of customers.

3 How can you help IPG members?

123Library has already partnered with several IPG members to give them access via cloud technology to an advanced ebook distribution tool that has taken years to develop, for only a small entry and monthly fee.

4 What do you enjoy about working in publishing?

I and my colleagues at 123Library really enjoy working with independent publishers as most of them have a true entrepreneurial spirit. They are dealing with huge challenges these days and cannot afford to procrastinate, and we must fulfill all their requirements with state-of-the-art services. But we find it very rewarding, because publishers are straightforward people and let us know very clearly what they need.

5 What do you think is the single biggest opportunity and the single biggest threat for independent publishers right now?

Independent publishers are at risk of losing control of the selling process. As electronic sales become more and more significant, publishers without a delivery platform for their ebooks and other digital content will increasingly rely on third parties for sales and distribution. This creates a dependence that may become fatal in the long run. As written mater diversifies into other formats too, publishers need to think carefully about tools to publish appropriately.
But electronic sales are a growing opportunity as well as challenge, since digital content can be made directly available to customers in many formats beyond print. It is easier than ever for customers to discover, buy, read and carry content with them. This is where we can help.

6 What do you get out of belonging to the IPG?

The feeling of belonging to a community of entrepreneurs with whom we can entertain mutually beneficial relations.

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