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Meet the Supplier: Typefi
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Posted by IPG

1 What's your company called?

Typefi Systems.

2 What services or products do you offer?

Typefi is the world’s only single-source publishing platform that fully integrates print, online and mobile production in a seamless end-to-end automated workflow.
Our core platform integrates with industry-standard authoring, design and content management software to automate the publishing tasks you do every day. Once set up, Typefi can take a single source document and simultaneously create beautifully designed publications in more than 30 formats in under three minutes.
We also offer two Adobe InDesign plug-ins that can be used with our core platform or separate from it. AutoFit is a free plug-in that allows ‘soft-bottom’ text frames—frames that automatically expand or shrink to fit their content—while Typefitter finds and fixes typesetting problems in your text.

3 How can you help IPG members?

We’ll help you publish your content faster! Our platform will simply revolutionise your publishing workflows by separating content from design to partially or fully automate composition, and eliminate errors that are inevitably introduced during manual revision cycles.
Our software can help IPG members to affordably control their production process in-house whilst producing all essential outputs—EPUB, Kindle, InDesign and PDF—within minutes. Typefi customers also enjoy stellar customer service and support from our professional services team members around the world.

4 What do you enjoy about working in publishing?

Ideas. Typefi’s tagline is ‘Do More’ and that is exactly what we help publishers achieve: to do more with their content and reach more readers in more places in more formats without additional costs.
The last decade has been an incredibly exciting time in publishing as technology has disrupted but also increased the possibilities. Typefi feels enormously privileged to be playing a key role in helping publishers make the most of the new technology and spread their ideas further. It’s immensely satisfying to see publishers large and small turn the challenges presented by a rapidly changing publishing environment into opportunity and success.

5 What do you think is the single biggest opportunity and the single biggest threat for independent publishers right now?

Keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change presents both an enormous opportunity and a considerable threat. Consumers want to access their content anywhere, any time and in myriad formats—but the realities of producing content in all those formats to a high standard can be time consuming, expensive and overwhelming.
Adapt or die, so the saying goes—but how do you adapt? Typefi is how: not only will it help you conquer multi-format production now, but it will help you futureproof your content in preparation for the new digital formats that will inevitably emerge.

6 What do you get out of belonging to the IPG?

The IPG is one of the most welcoming publishing organisations in the UK and attending its events provides us with a great opportunity to understand the new challenges our publishing customers are facing. The Annual Spring Conference is a great opportunity to spot new trends in technology and to meet new and innovative publishers.

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