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IPG members often tell us that funding their growth can be among their biggest challenges. In that context we were delighted to host our second ‘Meet the Investors’ evening last Thursday (28 January) with the kind support of law firm Fox Williams LLP—longstanding supporters of independent publishers who have shared some expert investment advice with members before.

The event gave some of our members the chance to talk to people who have built up their own businesses and who are now very well placed to advise and possibly support emerging ones. Reflecting the amazing breadth of our membership, we welcomed a wide variety of companies—from small start-ups to large, well-established businesses, and from traditional print publishers to digital innovators.

All of the discussions were confidential, but our investors were impressed with some clear and coherent business plans and models. On the other side of the fence, our feedback suggests that members found it very helpful to talk to people with a lot of publishing experience in a wide range of sectors. They were also able to network with one another, and talk over some of the opportunities and difficulties that all growing companies face at one time or another. We know that the conversations our members started on the night will continue, with both potential investors and one another. Some will find funding as a result, but the expertise they tapped into may well prove just as important as cash in the long run.

In short, the event saw the IPG doing what we do best: bringing together a diverse group of publishers to share information and ideas and pick up advice from people who so generously and willingly share it. It was also very pleasing to see that our members remain ambitious and optimistic for the years ahead. There are plenty of challenges out there in the market, but it is clear to us that independent publishers remain very much on the front foot.

We will be exploring more issues around growing a business at our Annual Spring Conference from 2 to 4 March, with sessions on managing cashflow, building enduring businesses and turning round brands that need fresh energy. If you have not yet booked your places for the Conference, you can do so here.

The IPG is grateful to Fox Williams LLP for hosting and supporting our ‘Meet the Investors’ event.

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