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22 December: the IPG Advent Calendar
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What achievement are you most proud of this year and how will you be celebrating it over the festive break?

Alison Jones, consultant and IPG board member

This, my first full year as a business owner, has been memorable for all sorts of reasons—I’m beyond proud of the books I’ve published, including a 3-language online-only collection of climate change writing, a misfit entrepreneur’s handbook, and the sanest parenting book I’ve ever read, with a foreword by Dame Sarah Storey. But my proudest moment was the World-Changing Writers online summit I hosted in October, followed by the launch of the Practical Inspiration Incubator: a book is just part of a rich ecosystem of content and by partnering with instructional designers, speaker agents, graphic designers, developers, PR experts and others I’m helping my clients embed their book effectively in this wider context.
Next year will be all about growing this network and helping more authors get their message out in the way that best suits their personality, their business, and their market. How will I celebrate this? With the largest glass of Baileys I can lay my hands on.

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