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18 December: the IPG Advent Calendar
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What achievement are you most proud of this year and how will you be celebrating it over the festive break?

Jenny Redhead, international rights executive, Princeton University Press

I’ve had the pleasure of overseeing Princeton University Press’s translation rights business for the last five months — we’ve had an excellent year so far and I’m ready to don a paper crown and gorge myself on mince pies. However, in all seriousness, the achievement that has made me most proud has been to plan and host the Society of Young Publishers annual conference with my wonderful and talented friends on the SYP Oxford committee. We were joined by a superb set of speakers from across the publishing industry, each of who graciously gave up their Saturday to educate and inspire the next generation of young publishers. It was a really great day full of lovely people and it’s given me that warm fuzzy feeling of a job well done.
To celebrate, I’ll be spending two weeks at home with my friends and family in the North East, where almost no one will talk to me about publishing. Bliss.
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