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Tips from our Autumn Conference exhibitors: Swales & Willis
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1 Embrace technology

Across production, technology can increase efficiencies, cut overheads and reduce schedule times. You can future-proof your production process by using an XML-first workflow, which enables the simultaneous production of print-ready PDFs, ebook files and content to be released online. It also allows the use of a pre-edit tool to perform some of the basic copy-editing tasks, which allows the copy-editor to focus more on the text; and the use of an XML validation tool to pick up common errors from first proof stage onwards.

2 Work in the cloud

As well as an XML-first workflow, consider using a cloud-based proofing platform for your authors and copy-editors to review each other’s work. The cost to do this should be offset by the time saved. No more misinterpreted corrections!

3 Think about subscriptions

Despite a recent decline in ebook sales, don’t write this format off. Pearson recently announced that it would no longer be printing some of its textbooks at all. If you are publishing in a fast-moving subject area such as law or politics, using a subscription service may well be the most cost-effective way to scale out the next edition.

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