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Tips from our Autumn Conference exhibitors: Jellyfish Solutions
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1 Be smart with your buying

Research, research, research! Finding the best printing location is vital, especially in the current market. Consider all print process options: digital is advancing a lot and we’ve found it more competitive than litho on some specs. Format sizes are also key. We’ve saved publishers a considerable amount by simply altering format sizes by a few millimetres.

2 Stay resourceful with your marketing

Investigate the market and make sure your products are both physically available and present on social channels. It’s no good having a great product if no-one knows about it!

3 Be mindful of your time

Industry constraints mean optimising your time is more important than ever. Focus on core activities that grow the business, and if what you are doing isn’t helping this, delegate or adjust your priorities. Jellyfish can help publishers by giving them the time to maximise their impact while we sort print strategies.

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