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Why you should book a place at our Autumn Conference
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The 2019 IPG Autumn Conference on Tuesday 17 September is going to be our biggest and best one yet! If you haven't booked a place, here are a few comments about last year’s Conference that show why you should!

Jon Barton, Vertebrate Publishing

“The Autumn Conference was singularly the most informative day I have spent in publishing. The keynote was inspiring, the chance to hear from James Daunt informative and privileged, getting access to the likes of Gardners and advice from successful publishers was brilliant… all the time surrounded by pastries, coffee and a glass of wine or two to keep us warm on the train ride home”

Di Page, Critical Publishing

“A fantastic Conference as usual, and great to have the opportunity to catch up with so many publishing colleagues”

Katie Fisher, Meze Publishing

“I was really impressed with the ethos of sharing knowledge and advice, sticking together as independents and providing a platform to learn from each other as part of a supportive network”

Lindsay Powles, Nielsen Book

“The Conference was very good as always—brilliant content and I made some excellent contacts”

Jeffrey Collyer, Aelurus Publishing

“There were so many things I found helpful, but the best thing about the Conference was the connections I was able to make”

Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Panoma Press

"Best Autumn Conference ever! Maybe even the best IPG Conference ever! I especially liked the open and honest input from my fellow independent publishers in the morning, but really high quality content all day. Well done!"

Natalie Williams, University of Wales Press

“The speakers always inspire me to think differently and I return to my organisation with fresh ideas and spirit. The choice of break-outs is great—there’s always something more specific to my organisation’s particular needs and that helps us progress in a different kind of way. And the calibre of colleagues who attend is always fantastic—it’s so fruitful and enjoyable to catch up, discuss the world of publishing, and meet new and old friends from such a range of organisations. A jam-packed, slickly-run and hugely valuable event”
To read the full Autumn Conference programme and reserve your place, click here.

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