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Getting started on distribution in Australia
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Australia is quite some distance from the UK—but that doesn’t mean that books don’t travel well. In fact, there’s a large and often untapped market for UK titles here.
One of the best ways to break into the Australian market is to find the right distributor to supply your books. In this video we run you through some of the key things to consider when looking to appoint an Australian distributor. Key questions to ask any potential partner include:
- How do you set local Australian dollar prices?
- Do you carry stock locally in Australia or not?
- What is your reach to local book retailers?
At this year’s London Book Fair we met with a number of IPG members and came away with the very strong view that there is an appetite among many independent publishers to have a crack at the Australian market. As a new member of the IPG, Booktopia Publisher Services (BPS) is pleased to offer members the opportunity to be considered for Australian distribution.
Our business was established in 2017 as a division of the Booktopia online bookselling business, which now sells a book every six seconds, and set out to offer publishers a wholesale distribution solution in the Australian market. Our distribution centre gives publishers access to the four million Australians who have bought books from Booktopia in the last 15 years. We are experts in aspects of the Australian book industry including online retail, logistics, automation, distribution, stock management, software systems, product knowledge, data management, data optimisation and electronic ordering.
We would be pleased to consider IPG members for Australian distribution, including covering the costs of freight into Australia. To be considered, email us at and let us know that you’re an IPG member, and we’ll send you more information. We look forward to getting your books into the hands of Australian customers!
To watch Jonathan Seifman’s message to IPG members, click here.
For more about Booktopia Publisher Services, click here.

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