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Ten ways to stay in touch with industry news
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Members sometimes ask us about the best ways—besides belonging to the IPG!—to stay up to date with news and trends in publishing. Here are some of our tips: we’d love to hear your own

1 Trade media

The Bookseller and BookBrunch are the two main sources of publishing news and analysis in the UK. Basic email subscriptions are free, but subscriptions unlock a lot more content. IPG members can get a special reduced rate on Bookseller subscriptions here.

2 Google Alerts

Setting up Google Alerts gives you daily or weekly round-ups of news around the keywords you submit. Not all links will be relevant, but they can be handy digests of things you might otherwise miss. Set up Google Alerts here.

3 Overseas media

International publishing media can help you to keep up with trends in markets that are important to you. Publishers Weekly is the main source of news in the US, and offers free newsletters as well as subscriptions, and Publishing Perspectives carries some interesting free content about publishing around the world.

4 Podcasts

Podcasts have become an excellent way to track trends in publishing. Subscribe to the IPG’s own podcast, and search your usual platform for others.

5 Vlogs

Book-related vlog content tends to be skewed towards reviewers, self-publishers and large publishers, but YouTube searches can turn up some useful channels, as well as tips on things like publicity and marketing.

6 Blogs

Although they have been somewhat superseded by podcasts and vlogs lately, blogs can still provide useful updates and opinions. Search for ones related to your field of publishing, and keep up with the IPG’s own!

7 Social media

We all know that social media can be distracting at work, but they can help you stay on top of news too. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and search for news providers and commentators to track.

8 Events

Publishing conferences are useful for keeping up to speed with industry changes, and book fair seminars can also be helpful, though it pays to be selective in what you attend. Needless to say, the IPG’s Spring Conference and Autumn Conferences are must-sees.

9 Related media

Media from beyond publishing can be worth a look—as in the world of printing via the likes of Print Week, or marketing via Marketing Week. Again, free email alerts are available. Use social media to keep tabs on bookselling organisations like the Booksellers Association, library groups like CILIP, author bodies like the Society of Authors and collective licensing agency PLS.

10 The IPG ebulletin

Our personal favourite, naturally! Our weekly ebulletin shares updates on important publishing developments, as well as all the latest news from the IPG. Every member of staff at every IPG member is entitled to receive it each Friday, so please add colleagues to our distribution list by dropping us a line.

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