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IPG membership: Ten things your colleagues might be missing
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Is everyone in your company making the most of the benefits of belonging to the IPG? Here are just ten things to take advantage of

1 Access to our ebulletin and website

Every person at every IPG member can get access to our weekly ebulletin and packed website. Just drop us a line to be added to the distribution list and to receive your own personal website log-in.

2 The IPG Skills Hub

Use of our training and professional development portal is free and unlimited to all members too. It’s a great place to go if you need to brush up on your skills or get to grips with areas of publishing that are new to you. Access is via your IPG log-in. Check out the Skills Hub here.

3 Events

We always love to welcome new faces to our Spring and Autumn Conferences and other events throughout the year. They are among the friendliest gatherings in publishing, not to mention the most valuable, and you will get a warm welcome. There are lots more events too, like business strategy seminars, meetings with Amazon and dinners with independent booksellers. See all the dates for our events here.

4 Special Interest Groups

If you work in children’s, academic or professional publishing, or in rights, we have Special Interest Group events dedicated to your sector. Their dinners and events are excellent ways to meet independent publishers in the same field as you.

5 Mentoring

Would you like support from fellow independents as you make your way in publishing? Or do you have expertise you’d like to share with others? Either way, we’d love you to get involved in our mentoring scheme. It’s a rewarding experience for both sides, and you can see what members think about it here. Get in touch if you’d like to take part.

6 Special deals

Don’t miss the many different deals on publishing services and products that are available through the IPG. You can get special prices on printing, royalty, editing, insurance, delivery and anti-piracy solutions and essential publishing books and news services, and the discounts can soon recoup the cost of membership by themselves. See our current list of deals here.

7 Business Support Helpline

As with all benefits, our Business Support Helpline is available to all members of staff. It’s staffed by experts and can help with queries on numerous aspects of business, including tax, employment law, copyright, contracts or health and safety. Give it a try! Details are here.

8 Rights support

Got a query about rights? We can put you in touch with one of publishing’s top experts, consultant Lynette Owen. What she doesn’t know about rights isn’t worth knowing. Drop us a line if you’d like to take advantage of Lynette’s support.

9 Jobs board

Whether you’re looking for new opportunities or to recruit, our jobs page is a good place to start. Find it here, and follow these instructions to post vacancies of your own.

10 Podcasts and blogs

Our weekly podcasts and blogs have insights from IPG members and other experts across publishing. Find them here.
Beyond all of that, the IPG team are here to answer any general queries you and your colleagues might have. Email us or call us on 01437 563335 and we'll be happy to help!

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