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Managing requests to reuse your content

Publishers may well receive ad hoc requests to copy extracts or quotes from their content, and most will not have specialist half on hand to deal with them. This means that handling permissions often becomes a frustrating and inefficient task, and makes it difficult to maximise profit from a potentially valuable area.
If that sounds familiar, you should consider using PLSclear, a permissions management tool from the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS) that simplifies the permissions process and ensures it takes up less of your time. PLS also offers practical workshops with advice and guidance for best practice.
PLSclear enables publishers to:
* AUTOMATE free-of-charge permissions to potentially halve your permissions workload
* ORGANISE and report on your growing permissions business from anywhere, using a secure inbox
* STAY LEAN: it’s a cost effective service, so you can spend more time on more profitable work
* HELP YOUR EDITORIAL TEAMS and author-managers by helping them make permissions requests to reuse content quickly and easily
Automated charged-for licences are coming in 2017, to help save even more time and generate more profit from your content.

Or… outsource your permissions entirely

If managing permissions is getting too much, PLS can now handle the complete business for you. PLS Permissions Outsourcing includes day-to-day management of publishers’ permissions business; processing all requests; issuing licences for free of charge and chargeable requests (or forwarding for review); processing and remitting payments; issuing invoices; and reporting.
Contact Jonathan Griffin at PLS at to find out more.