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Distributors and wholesalers

Bay42 serves small and medium online retailers.
Bertrams is a wholesaler that also offers distribution for publishers.
Booksource offers a range of services to publishers, including order processing and fulfilment.
Gardners has been a wholesale distributor for over 20 years.
Grantham Book Services (sister company to TBS) is a third party distributor for independent publishers.
Macmillan Distribution (MDL) publishes and distributes worldwide.
Marston is a large, independent distributor.
NBN International work predominantly with independent publishers in specialist areas of the market.
TBS (The Book Service) provides distribution to publishers.
Turnaround Publisher Services is a trade distributor that supplies shops throughout the UK, Europe and worldwide.


Abebooks sells brand new, second-hand books, rare and out-of-print books.
Amazon is the UK's and world's leading online bookseller.
Barnes & Noble is America's biggest chain.
Bibliophile is an international dealer in antiquarian and rare books.
Blackwell's specialises in academic and professional books.
The Book People is the UK's leading direct-to-customer bookseller.
Booksetc is an online business that offers fast delivery and helpful customer service.
The Booksellers Association has an online searchable directory of the UK's independent bookshops.
The Good Book Guide is an online retailer that picks the best release for customers.
John Smith is a Scottish chain specialising in campus and legal bookshops. It also owns the Hammicks brand.
Pickabook is an online retailer of books, audiobooks and book-related items.
Studentbookworld is an online retailer with an emphasis on high discounts.
The Christian Bookshops Directory is an online directory of Christian bookshops in the UK.
Waterstones is the UK's leading specialist bookseller and in 2006 bought the Ottakar's chain.
WH Smith is one of the UK's leading retail groups.