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What our members say about us...

The IPG has an extensive community, filled with members of all shapes and sizes, and it is wonderful to hear what benefits they gain from being a part of the IPG community.
"The IPG team and fellow members are a great support for small, specialist outfits branching out into new areas. Someone else will have encountered a comparable challenge and / or worked with a supplier or consultant who can help you negotiate territory that is unfamiliar or risky. And there are some handy discounts for members, too." Read more from Church House Publishing.
"I attended my first Autumn Conference in September and found it to be a very stimulating and thought-provoking day that gave me a lot of ideas." See more from John Beaufoy Publishing.
"We enjoy the newsletters and always take a table or panel on the IPG’s stand at The London Book Fair, where the prominent position is very helpful." Learn more about Gallic Books.
"The IPG’s insights into consumer development and how the industry adapts are refreshing and educational. It could be easy to become habitual when you have long-term clients like we do, but we are keen to keep learning, growing and building new and rewarding relationships." Wearset, read more.
"Belonging to the IPG throws open a window for us on the world of independent publishing that we are not really part of. It allows us to keep in touch with what is going on in this world and where we may or may not fit in." Find out more about Pictures to Share.
"The IPG is one of the most welcoming publishing organisations in the UK and attending its events provides us with a great opportunity to understand the new challenges our publishing customers are facing. The Annual Spring Conference is a great opportunity to spot new trends in technology and to meet new and innovative publishers." Discover more about Typefi.
"A chance to keep up to speed with the realities of what is happening in the trade and an unrivalled network of useful and approachable contacts." Learn more about Myrmidon.
"Before starting The Curved House I [Kristen Harrison] worked for a large publisher, and was very much in a big business mentality when I started out on my own. The IPG has shown me how smaller businesses can run, and has opened up my network to some incredible, inspiring people. It also offers personal and genuine support, which is so important when you are running a business on your own." Read more about The Curved House.
"I actually joined the IPG even before I had set up Berg Publishers, following the advice of friends in publishing, and learned a lot from talking to many publishers, who met me with warmth and the willingness to share their experiences with me. This was very useful when I started out on my own and has continued to be throughout my life as a publisher. This and the information received at more formal events like seminars or conferences, in the company of like-minded spirits, have been invaluable over the years." Find out more about Berghahn Books.
"The complex and diverse rights selling and distribution practices and trends that we identify in independent publishing in the UK are invaluable to us for the development of our products. Being part of IPG community keeps us both informed and inspired." Discover more about Jeux de Couleur.
"Great all round support, access to advice from experts, a sense of community and a vital picture of the publishing market for independents." Learn more about Firefly Press.
"I think it’s essential for independent publishers to have a voice. Together we are stronger. The IPG offer us that—a combined voice to enable us to make a difference, as well as support and contacts which give us opportunities that we wouldn’t have on our own." Read more about Totally Bound here.
"I much appreciate the breadth of support from IPG: you can be a minuscule operation but still be taken seriously. I was also lucky enough to make a sale of 2,000 copies of one title thanks to a contact made from attending an IPG Meet the Buyers event." Papillote Press, find out more.
"There is a wonderful sense of community, friendship and a pool of invaluable knowledge that we have already benefited from dipping into." Magic Oxygen Publishing, read more about Magic Oxygen Publishing here.
"We are members of several trade organisations and can say that the enthusiasm of the team at IPG and the information and back-up they provide is exceptional. We hope to get more involved as our business develops and to be a useful member of the organisation." Books by Boxer, learn more about Books by Boxer.
"The IPG provides a wonderful support network, which as a small publisher is invaluable. The information we get is great, and the opportunity to learn new skills is always welcome. We all need someone to watch over us." Three Hares Publishing. This is one of our newer members, read more about them here.
"The benefits of learning from peers, sharing problems and discussing the issues of the day are huge. The IPG membership is a massive knowledge base to tap into. The annual conference is fantastic and the weekly updates and news are valuable too." F + W Media, read more.
"Being a member of the IPG has helped enormously in our early stages. Having a network of experienced publishers from whom to seek recommendations and technical advice on certain issues has been invaluable." Shade 7, learn more here.
"The advice available is simply superb—from the secretariat, from Croner, and from the contacts we’ve been introduced to through the IPG. A very useful organisation." Fernhurst Books, find out more.
"Where to start? The IPG is a really vibrant organisation with some great events, resources and people. Knowing that we can call on the IPG’s help on practical or strategic matters, or the advice and experience of other independent presses, is a fantastic boost to a small press." Learn more about Honno.
"In our first year of membership we were very pleased to have a couple of books on the IPG stand at the London Book Fair. Talking to other members at the fair and at the IPG conference has been very useful, and gave us some reassurances about how we were doing. We have also been able to use some of the member offers on printing, books on rights and publishing and reduced subscriptions, and have been able to turn to them for some anti-piracy help. Although we have read widely on publishing, it is nice to know we have a place to go to for professional advice." The Witcherley Book Company, read more.
"The IPG has helped me with a lot of things such as advice on legal matters and author contracts. As a small company it can easily feel like one is in a bubble, but the IPG provides a space to meet other people, learn from their experiences and share ideas." Find out more about Korero Press.
"The access to industry knowledge has been very useful. I have already tapped into IPG specialists on matters such as rights contracts. I always come away from conferences with new ideas, and simply meeting people at events is always interesting and stimulating. The members’ passion for books is certainly motivating. Learn more about Fighting High.
"I love being part of a community—getting invaluable support, advice, information etc—and the whole concept of sharing. Individually we may be small, but there is a collective might when joined together and the IPG harnesses that, giving us opportunities that might otherwise be impossible. The events are a magnificent chance to network, and I’ve built relationships and fabulous contacts, many of whom I speak to regularly for advice and even just to share ideas. I devour the newsletter and make use of everything that could be helpful. This type of resource is, quite simply, priceless! Find out more about Orenda Books.
"The IPG brings a wealth of experience, ideas and help if needed. I am constantly asking for advice from fellow independents, and it’s always good to have a friendly ear when up against the behemoths in the industry." Bluemoose books, discover more.
"We’ve found our IPG membership invaluable for the networking opportunities, exposure to new ideas and updates on developments within publishing." Read more about Critical Publishing.
"The numerous very helpful events, including the recent Meet the Buyers session in London. Also the information made available on the IPG website and through the newsletter. For us, as a very small independent publisher, being a member of the IPG strengthens our company and gives it credence; it’s a metaphorical stone we can sling at the lumbering Goliaths. We are proudly independent, very glad to be involved with the IPG, and thankful for all the good work the IPG does for independent publishers." Learn more about Rippple Books.
"Thanks to IPG, we just recruited a fantastic marketing executive from your jobs page!" Hear from Vertebrate Publishing here.
"The conferences and evening events always leave us buzzing with ideas: IPG members are generous in sharing their triumphs and challenges. It is great that the membership covers so many sectors as there are often lessons to be learned from other parts of the publishing world. And our IPG Independent Publishing Award in 2015 was the icing on the cake: a real boost for our team." Read more about Rowman & Littlefield International.
"Everyone in the IPG is so willing to share ideas and expertise. We enjoy going to IPG events to learn about new developments and to network with other publishers. Every conversation at an IPG event, from breakfast through to propping up the bar late at night, has been valuable and has helped us in some way." Brilliant Publications, find out more here.
"A network of endlessly helpful people willing to share their wisdom and experience. The generosity and kindness of people who have been happy to help over the years, both through the IPG’s mentoring scheme and informally, is amazing and humbling." Learn more about UIT Cambridge.
"In our early days the IPG’s conferences and seminars were invaluable. I learnt so much, took copious notes and made interesting contacts. For tiny publishers, having a support network like the IPG that you can rely on is essential." Hear more from PatrickGeorge.
"The opportunity to chat and mix with people in publishing from many different sectors—academic, trade, educational, STM—to supply chains, digital innovators and developers. All of them beautifully corralled by a wonderfully friendly IPG team who do an amazing job weaving it all together, and keeping us abreast of what’s happening!" Find out more about Firsty.
"The IPG ensures that I am fully up to date with all areas of the industry. Plus I get to meet lots of talented, spirited people who are working in the best area of publishing and benefit from being a member of a tight and informed community. The events and conferences are so useful. If you are an IPG member and haven’t been to one yet: go! You won’t regret it." Hear more about
"We are continually impressed by how much the IPG achieves for its members. We are really proud to belong to an organisation that punches well above its weight, and look forward to meeting more members and other suppliers." Learn more about Harbottle & Lewis LLP.
"The IPG provides a sense of community and reassures us that we are not alone as publishers. We also get to learn new things on a regular basis and make contact with people we wouldn't normally get to meet. Finally, whenever we have needed support, the IPG team are always on hand to assist us." Read about How2Become.

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Faber & Faber
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Jan '20
IPG Sustainability Action Group Meeting
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Mar '20
Exhibit with the IPG at The London Book Fair 2020
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