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Mission, Vision and Values


To promote the highest standards of publishing professionalism both to IPG members and to their customers and stakeholders
Through a wide forum of example and experience, to project and celebrate the cultural and commercial value of independent publishing in the UK
To encourage IPG members to embrace opportunities for digital innovation, and constantly to reach out to international markets and global partners


IPG offers a platform for the exchange of information, ideas and professional advice that strengthens the impact made by members’ publications
Small independent publishers and start-up operations can share the mutual benefits of expertise and experience with larger, well-established businesses
IPG members can build on their continuing professional development through access to formal training, mentoring and coaching, and online business support
To ensure that the voice of independent publishing is heard in the wider world, IPG members continue to forge partnerships with other publishing and professional bodies


A rich programme of annual events provides members with unique opportunities for worldwide commercial and cultural exchange
The Independent Publishing Awards provide a high-profile showcase that celebrates the unique quality of IPG members’ publications
Members of IPG aspire to high standards of ethical business practice§ In the sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials they use in their publications
In the fairness and transparency of their agreements with partners and suppliers
In their workplace provision and employment policies that reflect a non-discriminatory commitment to access and inclusion