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IPG Patrons

The Board of the IPG have now agreed that, as is provided for in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, there should be a 'Patrons' category of life membership.
Patrons will normally be persons who have given significant service to the IPG and who are willing to make a minimum donation of £2,000 (or £500 for four years) in return for individual life membership of the IPG with the full benefits of such membership. The individual membership will be quite separate from any company membership and Patrons who are still with companies in membership must expect that their company will continue to have company membership and to pay the appropriate subscription. But for those who have sold or otherwise left their companies, becoming a Patron enables their continued individual involvement with the IPG and its activities. Patrons will normally be appointed by invitation of the Board or may be nominated by any member of the IPG subject to the Board's approval of their acquiring that status.
Funds received from Patrons will be ring-fenced and used only, at the discretion of the Board, for special projects or purchases of benefit to the IPG and will not be drawn upon for ordinary overhead, or routine capital, expenditure.

It is hoped that Patrons might be brought together at least once a year to join in a review, with the officers, of the IPG's development and activities.