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The Independent Publishers Guild

The Independent Publishers Group was set up in 1962 and has been supporting independent publishers ever since.
Logo original
A name change in 1966/67 saw the Group become the Guild. Spot the difference in the master version of our logo below!
Logo original GUILD
The 1980s saw the creation of a distinctive logo that was very fitting for the era:
Logo 1980s
The 1990s saw the arrival of computers into the IPG, and a bookish logo that stayed true to the black and red colour schemes used by the IPG previously:
Logo 1990s
In 2012 we celebrated our 50th anniversary in style!
50th Logo red
The IPG has always benefited from the expert guidance of fantastic publishers, and has an impressive list of past presidents and chairs.

IPG Chairmen and Chairwomen

2015—present: Oliver Gadsby
2013—2014: Jim Smith
2011—2012: Robin Wood
2009—2011: Andrew Johnston
2008—2009: Will Atkinson
2006—2008: Timothy Wright
2004—2006: Sonny Leong
2003—2004: Richard Harden
2002—2003: Edward Milford
2001—2002: Caroline Jarrold
2000—2001: Nicholas Brealey
1999—2000: Adrian Brink
1998—1999: John Skelton
1997—1998: Martin Sheppard
1996—1997: Gerald Jenkins
1995—1996: Paul Chapman
1994—1995: Martin Woodhead
1992—1994: David Fulton
1990—1992: Jessica Kingsley
1988—1990: Martin Marix-Evans
1986—1988: Phoebe Phillips
1984—1986: Peter Newman
1982—1984: Graham Sadd
1979—1982: Frances Pinter
1977—1979: Ian Grant
1975—1977: Philip Kogan
1972—1975: J. Garnet Miller
1971—1972: Bruce Alsopp
1970—1971: Edward Addison
1968—1970: Donald Johnson
1966—1968: Charles Skilton
1963—1966: Lord Darwen
1962—1963: Donald Johnson

IPG Honorary Presidents

2015—present: Jonathan Harris
2007—2015: Sonny Leong CBE
1994—2007: Tim Rix CBE
1987—1994: Lord Howie
1974—1987: Lord Darwen
1970—1974: Sir Compton Mackenzie
1963—1970: Sir Stanley Unwin

Secretaries/Executive Directors

2004—present: Bridget Shine
1998—2004: Sheila Bounford
1990—1998: Yvonne Messenger
1979—1990: Rosemary Pettet
1977—1979: Patsy Irwin
1975—1977: Pat Sheldon
1970—1975: Joan Whitehouse
1968—1970: Barbara Brown
1962—1968: Amicia Melland
The IPG archives are stored at the University of Reading Special Collections