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The IPG Board​

The IPG is run as a not-for-profit limited company. Its Board of Directors are all non-executive and receive no payment for the work they do on behalf of the IPG.
The Board meets six times a year. Board members each serve a maximum of nine years (excluding time served as Chairman).
The current IPG board are:
  • Alison
    Alison Jones is a business and executive coach, content consultant and publisher...
  • Amanda Ridout
    Amanda is CEO of Head of Zeus.
  • BShine
    Chief Executive of the IPG
    Bridget is the Chief Executive of the IPG
  • CdelaBedoyere
    Caroline is the Sales and Marketing Director at Search Press
  • David Graham
    David Graham is managing director of Pavilion Books.
  • Hazel Cushion
    Hazel is Managing Director of Accent Press.
  • james.woollam
    Managing Director
    James Woollam is Managing Director of F+W Media International, publishers of David & Charles...
  • john.hudson
    Head of Publishing
    John has been Head of English Heritage Publishing since 2008, publishing around 20 books per year...
  • Learning Matters
    IPG President
    Jonathan Harris founded Learning Matters in 1999 and joined the IPG in 2000...
  • LynetteO
    Lynette runs a consultancy in copyright, licensing and contractual training and practice....
  • mcasimir
    Martin Casimir is Managing Director of Maths no Problem! an educational publisher supplying books,...
  • ogadsby
    Oliver Gadsby is Chief Executive of Rowman & Littlefield International, a new academic publisher...
  • PTurner
    Phil Turner is co-owner of Meze Publishing, who specialise in producing cookbooks, most notably, the...
  • TFisher
    Terry is the IPG Treasurer...