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​About the IPG

Publishing is a great business for companies to be in—but also a challenging one. Independent publishers’ creativity, enthusiasm and contribution to the vibrant UK publishing industry should be celebrated and encouraged, and that’s exactly what the IPG sets out to do.
The IPG helps publishers to do better business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, benefits and information. We give independent companies the support they need to get the most out of publishing and keep their businesses growing.
The IPG is in better shape than at any time and in 2012 we celebrated our 50th year of supporting independent publishing! Membership is at an all-time high of 560 companies. We represent publishers of all shapes and sizes — from one-person operations to medium sized companies to international heavyweights. One of the most impressive things about the independent publishing community is its willingness to share its expertise, and new joiners get access to a mine of knowledge and experience, from both their fellow members and the IPG’s own Board of Directors.
The IPG has never been stronger, nor offered more reasons to be a member. If you are not already a member, we hope you will join us!

What our members say about us...

"Many thanks for the help you gave me when I was freelancing earlier this year; I obtained several consulting assignments as a direct result of my mention in the IPG newsletter, for which I remain very grateful!" Tim Davies (formerly Davies Consulting)

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