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The Independent Publishing Report

The IPG launched the biggest ever survey of its members in 2015, and the result is the Independent Publishing Report—a groundbreaking and comprehensive overview of the thriving independent publishing scene in the UK.

The report showcases the huge contributions that IPG members make to the UK’s creative industries and economy, and highlights both the strengths and weaknesses of the sector and the opportunities and threats likely to emerge in the future. It is based on the anonymised data and opinions of more than 150 IPG members of all shapes and sizes and operating in all sectors of publishing. It was produced with the help of Nielsen Book Research, and copies are available free of charge to members who contributed to the survey. The report will become an annual publication, revealing year on year trends and building into an archive of independent publishing in the 21st century.

You can read about some of the key findings of the first Independent Publishing Report at The Bookseller. Some of the comments from our respondents can be found on our blog.

Public Lending Right

The UK Public Lending Right office has lots of information about the latest PLR developments including news about which are the most popular books being borrowed from public libraries. Their website can be found here.