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Here is the IPG's archive of older blog posts that have been made in the past.
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Posted by IPG
​Mark Thwaite, formerly of retailers including Foyles, Amazon and ReadySteadyBook and now a digital consultant, shares tips for getting closer... - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
​Some of our takeaways from the Publishers Licensing Society’s annual gathering on Thursday (6 July)​ - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
The Belgravia Books Collective founder on her transition from chartered accountant to independent publishing - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
A Q&A with the publishing arm of the Andrew Lownie Literary Agency - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Clare Grist Taylor on why all members should make regular use of the IPG's new resource - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
A Q&A with Nadia Kingsley's nature, photography and poetry start-up Fair Acre Press - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Several members have reached special anniversaries—so we asked them about their celebrations, achievements and independence - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
A Q&A with children's publisher and new IPG member Troika - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Laurence Hugues introduces the work of the International Alliance of Independent Publishers - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Learn more about the publishing arm of poverty charity Practical Action - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
A Q&A with the European office of renowned US-based academic publisher Princeton University Press - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
​Publishers should adjust their catalogue data to suit different purposes, says BookEngine's Stuart Waterman—and title manipulation... - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
An introduction to Mie Hansson's poetry start-up Émigré Publishing - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Sweet Cherry and Books 2 Door founder Abdul Thadha on his working life in publishing - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Ahead of the IPG’s next Academic and Professional Special Interest Group dinner, Francis Dodds looks at some key sector developments - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
IT expert turned publisher Richard Hilton on his working life at Sacristy Press - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Learn more about transport and biography specialist Earlswood Press - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
How can you make the most of your author event? Jo James of Hand Held Events shares some advice - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
A Q&A with independent crime and thriller fiction publisher Bloodhound Books - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Insights into working life in publishing across the Atlantic from GOBI Library Solutions' Michael Zeoli - read more ➥
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Posted by Tom Holman
In the second of two blogs about ways to improve publishers’ metadata, EDItEUR’s Graham Bell looks at the presentation of contents and... - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
In the second of two blogs about ways to improve metadata, EDItEUR’s Graham Bell looks at the presentation of contents and reviews - read more ➥
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Posted by IPG
​As publishers prepare for the arrival of new data protection laws, Bridget Shine reports on the IPG’s work so far - read more ➥
Posted by IPG
Why all IPG members should take part in the annual celebration of independent publishing success - read more ➥